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Beside the Sea

by With Hidden Noise

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Łabandzi Śpiew
Łabandzi Śpiew thumbnail
Łabandzi Śpiew "And additionally, he generate huge amounts of atmosphere influenced by the fierce and cold Canadian climate. A lot of those things force me to compare his works with those by Eric Howden of Raised by Swans" ENGLISH: bit.ly/2Eb4tLO Favorite track: Loud and Clear.
Jordan Kokocinski
Jordan Kokocinski thumbnail
Jordan Kokocinski Really nice sounds on this record; not only the spacious guitar lines, but some pleasant vocal harmonies as well. Recommended for fans of Low and Pygmalion-era Slowdive. Favorite track: Loud and Clear.
pinya thumbnail
pinya that's some lovely reverb Favorite track: Seven Days.
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Some nice things people have said about this record:

“...sideways slivers of wistful chiming guitar melodies to form an hypnotic feel of magnified intensity and profound melancholy...a moving lament of long vanished dreams, faded hopes, impassionate desires, and bygone lovers.” - Whitelight-Whiteheat bit.ly/2GyIcco

"The emotional rollercoaster soothes while it breaks the heart. Our fragility becomes apparent, as the sweeps of atmospherics wipe out our immediate thoughts, as the plains of white and snow, creeps in to an ASMR-like palpability." - Comeherefloyd bit.ly/2I13f9O

"Berger woos expansive heartache across the panoramas; meditating on the loss of memory to a considered purposeful backing that builds from suffused lulls to gradually built-up and swelled indie-shoegaze choruses." - Monolith Cocktail bit.ly/2GrJCpM

Written and recorded over a series of dark, cold winter nights in the Arctic wastes and frozen forests of Canada.

With Hidden Noise is a project that explores the more minimal side of songwriting, inspired by the sounds of slowcore, post rock, shoegaze and dreampop.

If you feel inclined, please check out some of my other projects: Slowly (slowlymusic.bandcamp.com)
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released January 18, 2019

All songs written, performed and recorded by With Hidden Noise (Charlie Berger).

Mastered by Tom Murray

Artwork and Photography by Charlie Berger



all rights reserved



With Hidden Noise Toronto, Ontario

With Hidden Noise is a musical project of Charlie, a multi-instrumental musician/artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With Hidden Noise aims to sonically capture the mood of driving alone, through a snow-covered countryside, late at night.
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Track Name: Window
You are the window,
You open up, you let me in,
You let the breeze blow,
You let me know, where to begin,
You are a picture,
Of memories, beside the sea,
You trace the outline,
Of everything that I see.

My love weighs so much,
Pick me up, I’ll stay beside you,
So soft to the touch,
I’ll keep you the way I found you.

I am your shadow,
I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you,
Wherever you go,
I’ll be around, to see you through,
I am the camera,
I frame your days, in black and white,
You are the window,
You hide a light, that’s so bright

Say a little more,
Words worth fighting for,
You know I’ll be there,
I’ve got time to spare,
Share a little prayer,
I’m with you, I swear,
I’m the camera lens,
You’re the focus.
Track Name: Seven Days
Seven days,
Until you go,
Time to close your eyes,
Seven days,
To think about,
Opening your eyes.

Seven days,
And you can find me,
Find me always,
Time will tell,
If you remind me,
In seven days.

Seven days,
To feel alone,
I will see you there,
Seven ways,
The wind will blow,
It’s all up in the air.

Seven days,
Until you go,
Time to close your eyes,
Seven days,
To think about,
Opening your eyes.
Track Name: Furthermore
Staying up too late,
You’ll be dreaming,
You always know when I’m awake,
I can feel the weight
Of your breathing,
You move with every sound I make.

So what have you,
Been waiting for,
So far, so good,
And furthermore.

The world outside of your window.
Is full of things that I don’t know.

Staying out tonight,
I could break down,
Your sleepy head is here to stay.
Never went too far,
See you around,
You always dream of being awake.

You tell me that I move too slow,
Please don’t be late to say 'hello',
The world inside of your window.
Is full of all the things, I know.
Track Name: Loud and Clear
Sail away,
You are maybe somewhere else,
Leave today,
And you’ll be all by yourself,
I could read you loud and clear,
Fade away,
And you start to disappear,

You are maybe out there,
On an ocean, somewhere,
Water’s rising, take care,
I won't see you anymore.

Drive away,
You are always somewhere else,
Leave today,
And you’ll be all by yourself,
Could you read me loud and clear,
Fade away,
And I start to disappear,

You are maybe out there,
On an island, somewhere,
Sun is setting, take care,
I won’t see you anymore.
Track Name: The Other Korea
Half a world away, and,
Half a day ahead,
Could you see another way?
Are you coming back someday?

Hold our last breath,
It’s not too late.

And I’ll be on my way with you,
Think of all the times you’ve ever wanted to,
And I could be your(s) ‘someday soon’,
All you have to do is say you want me too

Measure time in difference,
Home is where my heart is,
Living all your days ahead,
Looking back on me you said.

“Hold our last breath,
It’s not too late”.
Track Name: Close the Door
Tell me the meaning to remind me,
Tell me and I will say hello,
Sell me a better way to find you,
Sell me and tell me where to go

Your eyes are red,
You can be found,
Beside your bed,
Won’t make a sound.
Show me a smile,
Lay on the floor,
Let’s stay a while,
I’ll close the door.

Tell me the meaning, and you’ll reach me,
Tell me it all will be alright,
Sell you a better day to meet me,
Sell you and I will say goodnight.
Track Name: Look
Keep it on the inside,
I’ll watch you grow and see you fall,
You won’t say you love me,
The look in your eyes says it all.

What have you forgotten?
Why’d you let me go,
Where have you been going
How did you steal the show?

Keep it on the inside,
I heard you say, but don’t recall,
When I say I want you,
The look on your face wondering

What have you forgotten?
Why’d you let me go,
Where have you been going
How did you steal the show?
Track Name: Memory
Wait for her,
And don't let go,
Soon she'll come to mind,
You'll see,
A shining light,
A signal in the night,

Find a reason,
To make it back to us, (and)
Seize a memory,
To remind you what you’ve lost.

See her go,
She drifts away,
From everything she knows,
You’re here,
But she’s not there,
Don’t know her anymore,
She’ll stay,
But know, she won’t remember who you are,

Is there a way, is there a way?

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